Basadi Ba Molao translated from Setswana means "Women of Law"

Statement on the attack on the Public Protector


Basadi Ba Molao is a community of women fighting for women’s rights. As an organisation, continuously fighting for transformation in the legal profession, driving projects that empower women, both in the urban and rural areas through education, bespoke trainings, support groups, and pro-bono work for women, who have suffered abuse that has left them hopeless and without a voice.

We recently celebrated one hundred years of women in the legal profession where every minute was spent fighting for recognition and acceptance in a male-dominated profession. We, as women in the legal profession had to constantly face the tirade of disparaging remarks as we rose through the ranks of our profession.

Our Chapter Nine organisations are constitutionally entrenched to ensure that all of our rights are protected and that the rule of law prevails. Abuse, of any kind, against a woman, is unjustifiable. Abuse is defined as speaking insultingly, harshly, and unjustly to or about; revile; malign. Ms. Breytenbach’s MP careless remark against the Public Protector, yesterday during the National Assembly, is unfounded and baseless.

This is tantamount to abuse. We at Basadi Ba Molao will not stand for any abuse whether protected’ or not, against women. In one sitting, Ms. Breytenbach MP has, through her callous and baseless remark rendered nugatory decades worth of blood, sweat, and tears.

We, at Basadi Ba Molao find this unacceptable. The constitution protects women against discrimination and abuse, we in the legal profession including Ms. Breytenbach MP should defend the constitution and all the rights contained therein. To all the women and girl children in South Africa whose mother, grandmother, and great- grandmother had to suffer the indignation of being referred to as property, as being regarded as less than human, and a second-class citizen as not being accepted in a patriarchal society, we will continue to empower you and ensure that none of your rights are taken away.


You will forever have a voice.

Empower Her, Empower All.

Adv. Anthea Platt SC
Managing Director

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