Basadi Ba Molao translated from Setswana means "Women of Law"

Practical Vocational Training


Application Form 2023/24

Mentorship is an integral and compulsory component of the Pupillage programme. Provide the following information as it relates to your mentorship.
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To qualify for pupillage with Basadi Ba Molao-ETS, please submit the following:

1) Certified copy of ID
2) Certified copy of LLB certificate and;
3) Copy of final year transcripts
4) A Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Answer the questions below and submit with requested documentation:

5) Motivational Letter (750 words)
6) Assessment


You have been instructed to draft a memorandum on behalf of Mineco (Pty) Limited (“Mineco”) based on the instructions set out below.
The following facts are conveyed to you:

1. Mineco owns a coal mine in Middelburg. It needed to transport one thousand tons of coal from its premises in Middelburg to a storage facility at the Durban Harbour for onward delivery to one of its customers in Hong Kong;

2. Ms. Sadu Prudence, an employee of Mineco was responsible for making the necessary arrangements and on 5 January 2013, she telephoned Mr. Molefe of A-Z Transport (Pty) Ltd (“A-Z Transport”) and requested him to transport the one thousand tons of coal from Mineco’s premises in Middelburg to the storage facility at Durban Harbour;

3. Ms. Prudence also telephoned a Mr. Z Bezuidenhout at Safe Storage Warehousing (Pty) Limited (“Safe Storage”) on 5 January 2013 to arrange for the coal that was to the delivered by A-Z Transport to be stored at its warehouse at the Durban Harbour before being loaded on to a ship for shipping to Hong Kong;

4. Ms. Prudence subsequently, on 6 January 2013, sent an email to Mr. Molefe confirming their telephone conversation. In her email she confirmed the tonnage of 1000 tons to be delivered, the rate at which Mr Molefe had agreed to deliver the tonnage, which was R25.00 per ton, and the date on which it was to be picked up, which was on 10 January 2013;

5. Ms. Prudence forwarded an email to Mr. Bezuidenhout confirming their telephonic discussion. In this email, which was sent on 6 January

6. 2013, Ms. Prudence confirmed the tonnage to be stored and the rate of R5.00 a ton which Mineco had agreed to pay;

7. The coal, weighing one thousand tons, was loaded on 10 January 2013 for delivery to Safe Storage’s warehouse at Durban Harbour. A load arrived at Safe Storage’s warehouse on 12 of January 2013;

8. However, it was only on 14 January 2013 that Safe Storage weighed the coal before it was placed on board a ship for onward shipping to Hong Kong and when Safe Storage ascertained that only eight hundred tons of coal were present;

9. Safe Storage immediately notified Mineco thereof who undertook an investigation and discovered that A-Z Transport had appointed Mr. Zahra, the owner of Zahra’s Deliveries, acting as an independent contractor to transport the coal from Mineco’s premises in Middelburg to Safe Storage’s warehouse at Durban Harbour;

10. Mineco suspects that the two hundred tons found missing on 14 January 2013 may either have been stolen by an employee of Zahra’s Deliveries or by someone in the employ of Safe Storage or by both of them acting in concert with one another, or alternatively; by a third party whilst the coal was left unattended and unsecured;

11. The loss suffered by Mineco in respect of the two hundred tons of coal was R1 million.

*When drafting the memorandum please consider the following questions and provide reasons for your answers:

a. Who are the parties to the dispute;

b. Which court has jurisdiction to hear the matter;

c. What is the cause of action.

Price: R345.00
Fees & Payments The pupillage with Basadi Ba Molao-ETS is as follows: Application Fee R 345.00 Non-refundable application fee due upon submission of application. Pupillage Private Vocational Training R6 500.00 Pupillage programme fee due by 15 January.

I declare that and undertake to:

  • The information provided in this application is complete, true, and correct.
  • I have no investigation nor been guilty of any dishonest or other improper conduct which may render me unsuitable or disqualify me from being accepted as a pupil candidate or registered on the roll of advocates as per the Legal Practice Act, 2014.
  • I have not withheld any fact or circumstance that Basadi Ba Molao-ETS would need to consider in order to decide on my fitness properly and fairly to be admitted as a candidate practitioner pupil.
  • I accept and agree to be bound by the conditions and requirements of application for pupillage that Basadi Ba Molao-ETS has set, including those contained in this application form.
  • I confirm that the work submitted in the application submission is my own and I did not intentionally plagiarise.
  • Should I be selected to serve pupillage with Basadi Ba Molao-ETS I undertake to comply with the code of conduct and rules related to the pupillage programme.
  • During my pupillage I will abide by the rules of Basadi Ba Molao-ETS and any directions and decisions of the pupillage committee.
  • During my pupillage I will present myself at my mentor’s chambers each business day and complete such pupillage training-related tasks as assigned to me. During my pupillage I will attend such percentage of pupillage training-related lectures as may be determined by Basadi Ba Molao-ETS and will fully and properly prepare for and participate in all advocacy training workshops.
  • Save to the extent that I may in law be compelled to do so, I will hold in strict confidence and not disclose to any person any information obtained by me during the course of my pupillage concerning the affairs of my mentor or any other advocate with whom I might work as a pupil or concerning the affairs of any attorney or client.


R 345
Administrative Fee
  • Non-Refundable
  • Enrolment Application completed
  • PDF file with additional information
  • PDF document with Application Submission Answers


R 6 500
Course Price
  • In-Class Lectures
  • Online Course Content
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