Basadi Ba Molao translated from Setswana means "Women of Law"

About Us

Basadi Ba Molao was founded by two empowered and decorated legal practitioners, bringing their combined experience to promote equality, diversity and professional excellence in the practice of law.

"Basadi Ba Molao encourages strong values; participates in and encourages collaborative working environments; demonstrating leadership characteristics within the profession, and the communities being served."

Company Ownership & Structure

BBM NPO has 100% Black Ownership and 100% Black Women Ownership.

Basadi Ba Molao believes in the spirit of networking and standing in agreement with others to drive change and prosperity.

Basadi leaders close up


Advocate Anthea Platt

Co-founder and Spearheaded by Advocate Anthea Platt SC at Pitje Chambers, Central Johannesburg.

Anthea Platt

Advocate Kathleen Dlepu

Co-founder. Kathleen Dlepu is director, attorney, conveyancer, and notary of Kathleen Dlepu Attorney Firm.

Advocate Kathleen Dlepu